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Innovative ways businesses are surviving through COVID-19

At ThinkTech, we have always believed in supporting the businesses around us and we want to help you with your business’ continuity. In light of COVID-19, people are called to stay at home, this will prompt you to rethink and reorient your business strategy. Staying at home has altered your target customers’ behaviors in the last few days. Now more than ever, your customers are spending more time online and it is affecting the way you conduct your business with them. To consider this drastic shift in consumer behavior, most brands are focusing their marketing and business transformation spend over online platforms. Therefore, the performance and ROI of each of your online avenue has become even more critical.

During these times, we want to understand how we can help you and your business. We are offering a complimentary 30-minute call or meeting to understand your needs and help you find ways to continue your business. Please feel free to reach out through a call or email. Additionally, here are some ways where we might be able to help you during these times:

  1. Start selling your products and services online

If you aren’t already selling products or offering services online (if it makes sense for your business), you must redefine and reorient your business strategy. Bring your business online so that your products and services are accessible and available to your customers.

  1. Help you with performance and user experience on your existing website’s e-commerce platform

We understand that your e-commerce site wasn’t the focus of your business prior to a few days ago and therefore, might not be in the best shape. In its current state, it may not be able to handle the increased traffic and requests from your customers who are now choosing to buy online. Avoid putting your website under stress from longer page loading times, website crashes or inability to load inventory from the website’s backend.

  1. Switch to a more robust e-commerce platform

We understand you may find the need to upload your entire inventory into your website versus fewer selective products before. However, your current website set-up may not be able to support all the load in an efficient manner. Therefore, you may need to switch to a more robust and easier to use platform such as Spotify in order to efficiently update your e-commerce.

  1. Enabling work from home for your employees

As you and your employees are starting to work from home, we can help you procure devices and set-up remote software for them, so that your team can start working in a collaborative environment.

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