Managing Rapid Change in Crisis – An Open Webinar Series

Considering the recent concerns associated with COVID-19, we have been actively identifying how best to address these challenges and help our partners mitigate the fast-moving changes and their consequences. This global crisis, while difficult, incites an urgent call to action in our teams and ourselves. Will we turn inward, focusing only on our challenges and needs, or will we choose to lead our teams and companies with an outward mindset? To help individuals and organizations address the most pressing challenges they may be facing, we will be holding a series of open enrollment webinars over the coming weeks providing mindset frameworks and applicable tools to help approach and positively resolve our current situations.

Below are the topics each webinar will discuss:

Thursday, March 19:  Don’t Hold People Accountable–Develop Accountable People

Friday, March 20:  Strategic Flexibility in a Crisis

Tuesday, March 24:  Sustaining Engagement During a Time of Anxiety

Wednesday, March 25:  Doing More With Less:  Balancing an Increased Workload



Each webinar is scheduled at 1pm ET/10am PT. Even if you can’t attend live, register to receive a recording of the webinar after the broadcast.

We welcome those who would be interested in attending these webinars to come with questions and concerns that we can address as we unite in the common goal of shifting to an outward mindset in uncertain times.

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