SAVE THE DATE – Cryptocurrency Series

Friday, June 25 @ 10 am MST

SWO, Calgary, Edmonton & Winnipeg chapters have joined forces to bring members across Canada a series of talks about Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency industryYou and a guest are invited to join us for a kickoff conversation between EO member Adam O’Brien (CEO) and Dave Bradley (CRO) of Bitcoin Well, on the topics of “why is bitcoin sound money” & “why businesses should add bitcoin to their balance sheet“.

This event is the start of a Bitcoin series that will be rolled out in the coming months. Their conversations will focus on what business owners need to know about cryptocurrency today. Along with this event, you will receive a sneak peek invitation to an online learning platform, developed by Bitcoin Well & Athabasca University’s PowerED. This program was developed to provide society with educational resources to boost their industry knowledge. It will prime you with a foundational understanding of bitcoin in anticipation of the future talks we have planned.

 To have your questions related to Bitcoin answered in this session, please pose them to the speakers in advance here: Fill out the survey (closes June 15th)

 Adam O’Brien – Founder & Chief Executive Officer

 As Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Bitcoin Well, Adam O’Brien is a leading advocate for education, consumer protection and the decentralization of banking systems. In 2013, Adam bought his first Bitcoin, and after seeing the potential growth within the space, he purchased and installed Bitcoin ATMs at strategic locations across Canada. Given the exponential growth of the market, he founded Bitcoin Well, which is poised to become the first publicly traded Bitcoin ATM company in the world this year. Adam has served on many not-for-profit boards, committees and is a member of many entrepreneur-centric organizations, including EO. He is recognized as a true visionary in the field and strives to make Bitcoin easy and accessible for everyone around the world.

Dave Bradley – Chief Revenue Officer

Dave Bradley is a prominent figure in the Bitcoin industry and is widely considered one of the leading experts in Canada on Bitcoin, cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Prior to his current role as CRO at Bitcoin Well, Dave founded the world’s first bricks-and-mortar Bitcoin store and co-founded the successful company, Bull Bitcoin, which is Canada’s longest-serving Bitcoin brokerage. He also serves as a Vice President for the Canadian Blockchain Consortium, Canada’s largest non-profit network of blockchain companies and influencers.

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