Lil E Coffee Cafe was started by EO Member, Paul Constance. It is a coffee shop that caters to a unique employee; it allows those with developmental challenges such as Down syndrome and autism, the opportunity to find employment.

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Paul Constance’s three-year-old daughter Ella was born with Down syndrome and was an inspiration for the shop. He started Lil E Coffee Cafe in hopes of helping those with developmental challenges find employment while raising awareness in Calgary.

“Whether it’s Down syndrome or autism, with an intellectual or developmental disability, we think that’s a niche that’s really a missing opportunity. We just want to give awareness in the community,” Constance said.

Lil E Coffee Cafe officially opened in Sun Life Plaza in Calgary in the first week of February. Constance partnered with a friend who was leasing space in the building and created the coffee shop.

Constance has been grateful for the support from donors and Calgarians that have stopped by Lil E. Paul and his wife, Alana, hope that Lil E will continue to bring inclusion and raise awareness to different disabilities.

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