We are proud to be hosting the Global Studnet Entrepreneur Awards on November 12.

We had the opportunity to ask Shashi, our GSEA chair, a few questions about the event.

What is GSEA?

GSEA Stands for Global Students Entrepreneur Awards

What will this event be like for attendees?

This will be a Virtual event on Nov. 12, starting at 1:00 pm. We will be streaming this event Live through the GSEA Facebook page. The winner will receive $1000 and pitch (virtually) to TO for the National Event on Jan.21.  Bruce Coxburn and a couple of other high profile VC will be on the judging panel for Canada. The Canadian winner will then attend the Global Event in Washington.

Why is EO Sponsoring an event like this?

This is a great way for EO members to mentor the next generation of entrepreneurs.  It is a great give back to our communities.


Do you know a student who is currently in college or university and running their own business?  Have them register for GSEA.



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