Describe your business:

4Seasons Transportation carries students living with disabilities to school in a safe, calm and compassionate way. For nearly two decades, we have provided barrier-free transportation in Calgary and area for students living with a broad spectrum of motor and cognitive challenges, illness and injury.


Describe the growth of your business between where you are now and where you started?

I started at 4Seasons Transportation in 2010 when it was a small business with under a dozen employees. Today, we’re a community of nearly 500 – all committed to empowering students living with disabilities.


What are you most proud of as an entrepreneur?

I’m most proud of making a meaningful difference in the lives of the students we transport and their families. When children are able to go to school, their parents can go to work, make an income and families can thrive.


What is one of the most significant challenges that you have faced and overcome as an entrepreneur?

Overcoming skepticism and discouragement is always challenging as an entrepreneur. Passion is the fuel that keeps me focused, drives me to keep improving and impact as many students and their families as we possibly can.


What is your mindset when it comes to running your business?

When it comes to running 4Seasons, my mindset is one of growth. I’m always looking to empower each team member so our will to do good can continue to grow and be sustained.


What are you hoping to gain from joining EO Calgary?

I’m hoping to connect with like-minded entrepreneurs to support and learn from one another as we lead our organizations forward.


What advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs who are looking to start and run their own business?

Be passionate about what you do. Being an entrepreneur is challenging and intense when you love what you do, but it’s even harder if you’re not invested and passionate about your organization’s why.

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