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Business: VEA Office Professionals Inc.

Describe the growth journey of your business, including where you are at today:

I have started, scaled and exited a number of companies. After merging my last company (in the promotional marketing industry) with a number of partners, the company grew to be internationally recognized, with hundreds of employees in locations across the globe. Lanna and I started VEA in 2016 after she was laid off from her corporate job and I joined her after retiring from my marketing business in early 2017. What a crazy time! We started VEA as a virtual executive assistant company and then added bookkeeping and fractional CFO services based on client demand. We have doubled the size of the business every year since inception and now have team members and clients right across Canada – from Victoria to the East Coast – as well as clients across the USA.

How has EO impacted you personally and professionally?

Where do I start?! 2020 marks the 20th year that I have been a member of EO! I have been through so many life-changing events during this time and my forum, as well as the chapter community, has been my support system throughout. Some examples of events that being a member of EO has helped me through = Multiple mergers and acquisitions, shareholder disputes, market crashes, divorce, pivoting business, commercial real estate opportunities, cash crunches, building an award-winning culture, to name a few. I can honestly say (and have told so many people) that I give EO 100% credit for all of the business growth and success that I have seen over that time… including getting the very idea to start VEA from EO members!

What is your favorite EO story?

My favorite EO story used to be all of the once-in-a-lifetime experiences that EO provides – from a live interview with Julian Assange from his asylum in the Embassy of Ecuador in London to parties at the Playboy Mansion to private helicopter tours, and so on. There are so many stellar experiential and learning events, both internationally and locally. My NEW favorite story, however, is happening right now. Watching and participating in how the EO community is banding together during this very difficult time coping with COVID-19 has given me even more appreciation for this amazing organization. I am witness to a large portion of our members ramp up their communications and creating and sharing so much valuable free content (i.e. resources, webinars, tools, etc.) to help their fellow EO community – it is truly heart-warming to see this side of humanity and I am even more proud to be a part it.

How has your company had an impact on the world?

Our mission is to “Provide companies with the resources they need to exponentially accelerate their growth”.  Having been active in EO for so long, we came to recognize that many small to medium-sized companies have a number of departments or areas that are essential for growth, but they don’t have the internal resources to manage them. We bring together these segmented functions into a centralized management firm, ensuring all outsourced departments/functions/tasks share the same strategy and vision.

In short, we are impacting the world by helping entrepreneurial companies grow.

Do you have a hidden talent?

When I was younger I took dance lessons in a number of disciplines. I specialized, however, in Breakdancing at the time – so ply me with enough drinks? I may just bring out a move or two…

What are your best practices in dealing with tough situations?

My absolute favorite best practices summary came from… you guessed it… EO – ‘Top 10 Things Leaders Do in a Crisis’, I couldn’t say it any better.

I would, however, add one to this list = Reach out to your network for help and support. You don’t EVER have to do it alone. After all, from my experience, that’s what EO is here for!

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