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The Real Economy, Canada, a quarterly publication from RSM– it includes analysis on just how deep the COVID-19 pandemic will cut into the Canadian economy, what Canadians should look for in the federal government’s economic stimulus package to aid recovery in the short- and longer-term, a discussion on business interruption insurance as business owners look to recover losses as a result of COVID-19, and a closer look at how deep the supply shock runs in the West Coast ports: Check it out here

Thought Leadership from RSM

5 tips on how technology companies can reduce uncertainty

The impact of COVID-19 on the globally mobile workforce

Getting back to work involves more than just unlocking the doors

Navigating commercial tenancies amid COVID-19

Generating much-needed cash flow in the energy sector

On-demand library of webcasts with useful insights on relevant tax topics as well as a weekly economic update


RSM business insights to bolster your response to COVID-19

As middle-market businesses feel the coronavirus fallout within their organizations—from sluggish supply chains to diminished workforce mobility—it’s important for leaders to stay on top of the evolving issues related to this crisis in order to mitigate risks and plan accordingly. Visit RSM Canada’s resource center to stay informed with the latest insights, ideas, and countermeasures to minimize the outbreak’s negative effects, as well as prepare for future emergency events. More information

RSM’s COVID-19 webcast series: Insights during uncertainty

RSM understands that these are uncertain times for individuals, communities, and businesses as the COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak continues to spread around the world. The firm is hosting a weekly on-demand webcast series to share insights for business leaders on the economic impact from this pandemic, how organizations can prepare for the future and how to mitigate risk. Watch the webcasts here

RSM: What to expect from the 2020 Federal Budget

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Canadian federal government suspended parliament on March 13, 2020, and postponed the release of the 2020 Federal Budget. While a budget date has yet to be announced, RSM Canada’s Maria Severino delves into the ongoing health crisis and other areas she predicts the government will prioritize in this year’s budget: Learn more

Fundamentals of Leadership in COVID 19

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