Shawn founded TWT Group and recently merged with Fully Managed.  We sat down with him to talk about the merger. Check out the questions we asked below.

Q: What made you want to sell?  

A: To clarify, I didn’t sell, as I still own part of the new company.  My new role is VP for Alberta. The reason I decided to collaborate with Fully Managed was that they had a great vision for growth and culture.

Q: How long was the process? 

A: About 10 months. We actually met about three years ago and have been collaborating and sharing ideas since then, and we decided the time was right in April 2019.

Q: What does the merger mean for you and your customers?

A: This merger has created more opportunities for our customers. Merging with Fully Managed has allowed us to provide better service and more products and solutions. The merger has also increased our reach, as we are now able to service clients across North America.

Q: Do you have any tips for anyone selling, or wanting to merge with another company?

I would say get to know them first. It’s also important to look at the bigger picture – it’s not all about the money, and you won’t have much success if money is the driving force. The merger has to benefit both companies, so make sure there is a fit before going through with the process.

Q: What things would you say to avoid?

It’s important to remember that it’s not about the little things. You’re not going to win on every little thing, so make sure you create a deal that incentives both parties.



Read an article about the merger here:

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