Join us in two weeks to hear the latest updates from EO’s leadership team in a special broadcast: EO Update Live.

Bob Tassone, EO Chair, and Winnie Hart, EO Board Member, will come together to reflect on the past year, the progress made against EO 4.0 strategy, and look to the future – to what 2021 holds for EO and each of you.

Throughout the broadcast, we will hear from members around the globe. You will have a chance to share your thoughts with Winnie and Bob or ask them questions.

We will be hosting two live broadcasts on Tuesday, 16 February, one at 11:00 am ET and another at 9:00 pm ET (Wednesday, 17 February 10:00 am Beijing) – each lasting 30 minutes. The focus of the discussion will be the same in both broadcasts, so no need to tune in twice. We just want to make sure you are able to attend at a reasonable time!

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EO Calgary

Membership: 108
Median Sales ($USD): 2.5M
Employees: 7,787

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EO Calgary
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