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Stephanie is the Co-Founder and Creative Director at Daughter, a young up-start agency in Calgary that has amassed an enviable client roster thanks to their bold approach to branding. Current clients of note include Bow Valley College, Calgary Foundation, Rocky Mountain Soap, United Way, Phil & Sebastian and Hoopla Donuts.

Stephanie’s approach to branding was honed through years spent working on Fortune 500 brands for agencies in both Canada and the US. She started her career in San Francisco creating multi-faceted campaigns for Audi, A&E, HBO, and PG&E. From there went on to work on Rethink, where she worked on Lululemon, Science World, A&W, and Coast Capital Savings.

Her work has been recognized by award shows including the Crystal Radio Awards, Lurzer’s Archive, One Show, Communication Arts and Applied Arts. She is also on the Board of Directors for Long View, one of North America’s largest privately-owned IT.

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