If anyone can steer the boat during calm seas, what does it actually take to captain the ship when the waves are crashing, the wind is howling and the way forward seems unclear?

Many of us are asking this question even now as we find ourselves in a global situation of unprecedented proportions. Each news report, phone call or balance sheet arrives as if a wave meant to overtake us.

You may at this moment feel lost in a sea of setbacks. Each wave, a new challenge. Asking how do I navigate this new reality?

Take heart. Hold on. Persevere. You are not alone. History has shown us that adversity can breed innovation and challenge, clarity.

In a crisis, leaders step up. They go first. They set a vision and bring clarity. They lend their courage. They bring hope.

Over the next few weeks and months, join the EO Community for this exclusive offering aimed at resourcing you with what you need as a leader to respond in strength, courage, and compassion.

Dig deep as we learn and grow together. You are not in this boat alone.


31 March 2 pm MST: Convergence – Personal Evolution and Program During COVID Era

01 April 2 pm MST: Managing your Cash Flow during COVID-19 Crisis

02 April 10 am MST & 6 pm MST: Chaos Action Plan

09 April 2 pm MST: The new intelligence in age of adaption

14 April 10 am MST & 6 pm MST: How to still like each other during & after the quarantine

16 April 10 am MST & 6 pm MST: brainSHIFT: Mindful Leaders Rise Above the Panic

21 April 2 pm MST: Creating Sustainable Success: Scenario Planning for the Coronavirus & Future Disruptions

23 April 10 am MST & 6 pm MST: How to Adapt to Remote Work and Help your Team do the Same

28 April 10 am MST & 6 pm MST: Top3 Secrets from Decision Science for Leading in Uncertain Time

30 April 2 pm MAT: FOREsight: The FutureNOW!


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